Corporate Event Speaking Topics

“Book smarts” may put a person on the dean’s list in school, but will it equate to success in the work place? Wisdom is the ability to take what you know and apply it in a practical sense to life and work. In this unique and inspirational message, Karol shares sound and sensible principles to help strengthen the wisdom-quotient in your place of business. Savvy communication skills, balanced flexibility and focused creativity all lead to a business that successfully runs with wisdom and discernment.

Thrive, Don’t Simply Survive
Your business was designed to thrive, but often it may feel as though you and your employees are simply getting by. How can you reignite your passion and drive toward excellence dispite the challenges? Karol Ladd gives you proven strategies to strengthen and renew your confident stride. Through illustrations and practical steps Karol encourages her audience to embrace the challenges, create a systematic approach to success and structure a positive mental focus.

Invite Karol to Speak at your conference or corporate event:


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